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Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram saree is the type of saree traditionally woven by artisans of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. They are marked by their wide border & zari work but you can come across different style & pattern in Evolved Kanjivaram saree.
Kanjivaram saree is the essence of silk sarees found in India. Be it any occasion, they are considered pious in wedding or any other ceremony. The finest fabric along with work pattern makes them sophisticated choice of every woman.
kanjivaram saree
As per legends in Hindu Mythology, Kanchipuram silk weavers are considered descendents of Sage Markanda, the weaver of Gods who made tissue from the lotus fiber. It is also considered that Silk was favorite of Lord Vishnu.
You can obviously encounter motifs like Suns, moons, chariots, lions, coins, mangoes, peacocks, and parrots, swans, woven into Kanchipuram saree. Apart from them you can also notice a jasmine bud within a square or a round frame which is known as mallinaggu. Another common feature is called Thandavalam pattern where parallel lines run across all over the body of the Sari.
A visit to Kanchipuram city will be worthwhile even  if you travel this much distance just  to grab a few yards of this!

Gaurang Shah’s Awesome Designer Kanjivaram Collection
This Hyderabad based designer has changed the perspective in the way we perceive Kanjivaram sarees. The traditional handwoven saree has been given the modern edge by adding a splash of color. These sarees are meant for everyone & every occasion like for festivals and wedding functions.
Kanjivaram banarasi saree
The beautiful Kanjivaram Banarasi saree
Bollywood actress Taapsee in saree designed by  Gaurang shah. The rich zari weaving all over the sareewith mango motifs border around the saree. The heavy running pallu raises the overall elegance and blouse designed with contrast red color with kalamkari.
Kanjivaram saree
The green Kanjivaram saree
Another picture of Tapsee photoshoot. Tapsee wearing Gaurang Shah’s Green Kanjivaram Saree with Bright Pink rich zari Border paired with embroidered sleeves. Stunning & classy!
kanjivaram saree
The Orange Kanjivaram saree
Just look at the rich zari border of the saree, fascinating & so chic. This saree is a clear winner in posh elegance & haute coture. The green contrast raises the exquisite aura of the saree.
kanjivaram saree
The Orange-red Kanjivaram Saree
Wow! The zari border, self weaved pattern, contrast green border and kalamkari layer over the top, this one is one of the best creations of Gaurang Shah.
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