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TIPS FOR GLOWING FACE:- How to care for your Skin

Are you feeling saggy skinned and tired within? Does nothing workout for you anymore?
If you feel inferior looking at young & healthy skin then it’s not late for you to start working on your food intake & lifestyle change. A bit change is better than going under knife later, the medical procedure being considered the safest & quickest methods as the beauty regimen.
skin care
If you are in 20s then it’s better if you focus upon following tips for glowing face. Be it actress or girl-next-door, nobody wants a saggy & premature aged skin.
The CTM process
It’s vital for healthy skin. A daily habit of cleaning, toning & moisturizing is necessary for the picture perfect skin. Make sure you choose the products suitable for your skin.
face wash
Face wash
We strongly recommend that you use face wash as per your skin type: acne-prone, dry, oily, mix, aging or normal. If you have sensitive skin then contact dermatologist for ideal medicated skin care products.
Toning is as essential as cleaning. Pick a skin-friendly toner with appropriate amount of pH value to avoid over-drying of skin. Toner is required to control the skin pH.
FACE Moisturizer
Moisturizing is required to delay aging process. Keep your skin moisturized to avoid saggy looking skin. Go for oil-free moisturizer during summer & avoid tinted moisturizer.
The sunscreen is a must throughout the year. To avoid tanning & rash of skin always use sunscreen with good amount of SPF & UV/UA Filter. Sunblock is also a good option if you are thinking of Beach party.
It is essential if you use exfoliator or scrub once in a week or ten days. It removes the dead cells from your skin & open clogged pores. Though it shouldn’t be overdone.

Makeup Remover
Always remove makeup before going to bed. Make sure you remember to apply a nice cream rich in Vitamin E at night.

At the end, make sure you get good amount of sleep for glowing skin. A healthy skin doesn’t require layers of makeup.
Use these tips & go natural this year.
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