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Nobody can deny the fact the impact of first impression on anyone. If you think deeply then one should never judge a book by its cover but people do.

For example, if you are given only two minutes to decide about your life partner then whom would you choose? Will you go for someone who is dressed up in mishap manner or someone who is smartly dressed? You will definitely choose someone based on looks, plain truth. So, it’s quite important if people have a likeable personality or image.

Fashion consultants do the same, they help you mend your wardrobe, accessory choices and provide essential tips to raise your style quotient.  They assist you in developing a wardrobe that promotes their public image.

  • You need to have extreme fashion knowledge to even think of building career as fashion consultant.
  • Though it’s not compulsory to have any educational qualification for a career in this field but you might be asked to have a degree in Fashion & Design or Fashion Merchandising. It’s better if you earn one for yourself.
  • You might consider working for some professional fashion consultant as apprentice. This will help you in handling clients, learning ongoing trends & image building.
  • If you have retail or brand experience, bang! You are right on you way. If not then I would suggest you to go through some retail experience to understand people’s needs on daily basis.
  • You need to be social and friendly. This field is all about having clients as in celebrities etc in your mobile contacts. Working for them will give you a fruitful career.
  • You have to shop for your client’s wardrobe or join them on their shopping spree. Take this chance to point out on types, styles, color choices that will work for them.
  • You should have the knowledge about skin tone & body shape. What dress looks good at what body type? You need to have a crystal clear idea on the same. It’s all about highlighting positive features and hide flaws.
  • If you are thinking of confirming a permanent job then get a job with image consulting firm. This will help you feel secure about your career. Eventually you will start up your own firm so better have some previous experience.
  • Your personal style is primarily important in the fashion and image consulting field.  You need to have charming and attractive image to convey your  prowess through your fashion choices.
  • Promote yourself! Yeah, make a blog or social media page where you can give views or tips about fashion field. Communicate online and make your presence in social media. With the major fashion conscious community working as bloggers, it gives you a great deal to fetch contacts & projects.
  • Do some free service as a fresher. Volunteer for your friends and relatives in choosing the apt outfits. This will help in boosting your morale.
Good luck!

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